How to save thousands on loan interests?

Simply, by comparing different lenders that match your specific loan profile you can save thousands of dollars. You see, every borrower has different characteristics such as credit score and level of income and there are different loan products that target each borrower. However it is virtually impossible for an individual to compare all the possibilities at once, not for us. With savetips you can save thousands on interests and skip all the negotiating with our free, no obligation Matching service. We works with over 50+ financial partners in Canada to find loans that match your profile – showing your likelihood of approval in minutes. The end result is that you get the best loan according to you needs at the lowest interest rate.

Join thousands of Canadians who are already saving money with the right Financial Advice.

Meet the Founder- Santiago Garcia
Financial Planner
(PFP® | MBA | McGill Alumni)

“The vision of my company has been to become Canada’s Financial Planner of Choice by providing financial advice, loans, investments and insurance products with an unbiased approach since 2010.”


When it comes to loan rates, every decimal point matters.

Some of our lenders in addition to offer competitive loan rates offer products targeted to Gig workers as well as additional free services such as credit monitoring and advice to help you improve your score. Apply for a quick loan directly using the following links:

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